Can anyone suggest what product to use for incontinence (heavy) for men? I've tried some but they all seem to still leak!

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I think we all should assemble our ideas & create our own elder care poroduct line.

I created an adjustable cath leg band to ease the cutting on my dad's frail legs. The urologist was quite impressed. Says I shuld market it.
I'd like to but where is the time & start up money?

Lighting & denture care are other topics I've worked on.

Carol? How about a tips & tricks topic?
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All I can say is try to find the one that is uber strength...or double them up, or try lining it again with a ladier uber maxi pad? We have to sometimes invent things ourselves until the medical mfgr's get it into their heads what is actually usefull to us out here in ELDERLAND. I saw a commercial today for Ladies Depends and now they have colors and it takes awhile for them to catch up to what the needs really are. I would say you have a valid point of uber wetness that should be addressed by the mfgr's of the undergarment biz. I wonder if they peruse this webby at all for suggestions for new product lines.
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