Can anyone recommend a way to conceal the bedside commode when not in use?


My mother in assisted living is very self-conscious about the visibility of the portable bedside commode, especially when she has visitors. I haven't found any way to arrange her furniture so that it's less obvious. I looked on line and found only one product, a sort of cabinet on wheels, that cost $260. Any suggestions?



In some facilities, the commode is placed in the bathroom during the day and moved to the bed side when pt needs to have it right by the bed.

I have seen bedside commodes that are leather look that looks like a board room wing backed chair. The seat is removable and the bucket is hidden under the seat. The chairs may be available for rent at medical supply stores.

The best suggestion was in another post. There was a door and the BS commode was hidden from view behind the door. They used a plastic shoe holder on the back door and it was stuffed with the items needed such as briefs, wipes, pads etc. I would actually design the room based on hiding the commode and supplies.

Modesty is important especially for the very elderly. The caregiver should assess the patient's feelings about modesty.
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Your question reminded me.

There’s an old rule in decorating.
If you can remove a flaw. Remove it. If you can’t remove it, try to conceal it.
If you can’t conceal it, paint it red.
Assuming your mom wouldn’t go for that.

How about a rod on the ceiling that a curtain could hang from? One that slid easily? A drape or cloth shower curtain could hang from it that she could pull back and forth easily. Think hospital exam room or a curved shower curtain rod. It depends on the configuration of the room. IKEA has some sliding window panels that might be easy to mount on a ceiling. Check online.
It could cover up things besides just the BSC. Like her dresser or other things not needing to be visible to visitors if that makes it easier to hang. When visitors are gone it could just be left open for easy access. 

Oh sorry. I see that’s already been mentioned while I was making my joke. 
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A shower curtain is good because it can serve as a modesty screen while she is using the commode.
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Thanks, both. The throw may be the best solution, although I'm a little concerned about her ability to manage a throw without getting tangled up in it.
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I was thinking of an afghan or throw, too.
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My first thought was an inexpensive room divider, but that might be too hard to move around unless it was on wheels. What about just covering it with a pretty throw and putting a pillow on top to disguise it?
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