My boyfriend is becoming increasingly more controlling and paranoid lately. I'm almost scared to be around him, he yelled at me for going to the store without him claiming I'm meeting up with some one. and thinking my friends are against him. I'm at my wits end please help. Thanks

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Anne, according to your profile your boyfriend has Alzheimer's/Dementia, so you will find him acting out, that is part of this terrible journey.

Arm yourself with everything about Alzheimer's/Dementia to help give you a better idea on what is going on and what might happen next. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.... click on ALZHEIMER'S CARE.... now click on all the articles and read, read, read.

Are you able to take your boyfriend to his primary doctor? If yes, time to see if the doctor can put him on calming meds to help with this phase of the journey.
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Are you asking about the aneurysm or your BF's behavior, or the link between the two? I think the aneurysm issues are best posed to a neurologist. Is BF being treated for this, if it's possible?
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