Only child taking care of Mom for 7 years. Upon an admission she spit in my face in front of two nurses. Please advise.She is due to be discharged from hospital after dying 3x last month and coming back. I have been advised to bring her home with Hospice. She was admitted for A-fib. What say Ye??? Thank you and blessings....

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Hospice will be a huge blessing to you and your family and it is a free service so you won't have to pay for it. They will provide you with counseling and support as well as end of life services for your mother such as nursing assistance and supplies. Hospice is a very, very good thing.

jeannegibbs is right - your mom's spitting in your face has to do with pain, fear, dementia, delusions or hallucinations. Forgive her. It's just very unfortunate, but not unusual.
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If her doctor thinks hospice is appropriate, I would definitely use hospice services, either in her home or in a Hospice House, if that is available to you.

I don't know anything about your mother's impairments, but often these spit-in-your-face kinds of behavior come from pain, dementia, delusions, and not from the person's true personality. Forgive her and let yourself heal.
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