This is about my 88 yr old Aunt that lives alone in her own home. She's on Medicare not Medicaid. I'm her POA, I was going to visit her every other day to help her with things until I learned visiting her to much thru the week causes issues for all of us. So, I decided to cut my visiting time down to once a week.Because,of her dementia,visiting her 3 times a week just causes arguements. Seems I'm running out of options on what to do for her anymore as her POA.
From what I was told by her Home health services is,
She was prescribed Home health services by her doctor 2 yrs ago. Includes a nurce to check her vitals twice a week and for a home health nurce to come give her a bath and lite house keeping twice a week.
My Aunt tells me all the time that knowone comes to visit her. And when, I visit her I see no signs of anyone ever been to see her. No house cleaning is ever done.What is lite house clean mean?My thinking is vacuming the floor and wiping tables and such.That sounds like lite house cleaning to me!
My Aunt has very bad dementia"Memory".You can see her today and tomarrow she wont remember you was their.I called the home health service and they all tell me they see her twice a week but,yet I see know signs anyone was ever their.I sure don't see signs of any type of house cleaning going on.My Aunt's vacume cleaner has been plugged up for months.When I go to vacume I must bring my own vacume.Knowone from home health has ever attempted to vacume her floors for sure.
Here's another issue,
The Home health service told me that they have been coming to see her since 2012.I called them the other day to talk to them about when do they go to see her and other stuff I wanted to ask about.When I called the home health service the lady on the phone tells me this,(So,glad you called I was wanting to talk to you as well about your Aunt.You Aunt's dementia is getting worse and she's Urening in Coffee cans.)
Their just now telling me about her urening in coffee cans?My Aunt's been Urening in coffee cans for over a yr now.Not only that!,To this day my Aunt doesn't have a bedpan or a Tolet chair.You would think that when the home health service learned she was urening in coffee cans they would attempt to offer her a bedpan to use.What kind of service is this?If this service has been visiting her since 2012 they would have known about her not owning a bedpan and the coffee cans.My Aunt's excuse of urening in coffee cans is,easier to handle then a bedpan.A bedpan is to big to attempt to use she says.Regardless,home health should of offered a bedpan from the start when they first learned of this information but,yet no bedpan yet!
My Aunt uses coffee cans and news papers by her bed to urine on.Why I don't know lazy maybe I don't know.I was told by APS's that that's what old people do as if it's normal.Strange that sounds but,what they told me.
I've talked with another caregiver from another company that told me this,
If any caregiver would ever see a coffee can filled with urine and news papers on the floor they would clean it up.If her bed was dirty the caregiver would change her sheets on her bed.This caregiver I talked to stated to me he felt that knowone is going to see her is what your explaing how this sounds.He tells me this company needs to be fired!You need to find another company for her he tells me.
When I call another healthcare company they tell me Medicare doesn't pay for temp-home healthcare.They tell me I need to find a company for medical.Most don't deal with Medicare.The doctor prescribed my Aunt a nurce for home healthcare one for bath and another for vitals.
What else can I do?

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Nursing home time.
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Every Home Health Care Company that we have dealt with has a book that they sign every time they come, along with the vitals and what they did that day. Something is not right. I also agree, time for a nursing home.
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Rent a nanny camera. Place it where you can see visitors and what they do.
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Big picture? I agree that your aunt needs around the clock care in a facility.

It's not the responsibility of the home healthcare agency to bring in equipment such as a bedside commode or a bedpan. It's your aunt's responsibility to supply those items.

A home healthcare agency would also leave behind some sort of record of when they were there, what they did, etc. A sheet is usually filled out each visit. Did this company not provide you with this information? If you have no idea when these people are visiting or if they're visiting or you get the runaround on the phone from them change companies. But you're correct in that many, many home healthcare agencies don't accept Medicare. I'm a nurse at such a company and we're private pay only.

Urinating in a coffee can is not normal.
Urinating on newspapers is not normal.

If the Dr. is sending out a nurse to evaluate your aunt start discussing long term care. I think it's time. It sounds like chaos over there.
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I was thinking the same thing, Pam. She doesn't need to be on her own. I don't know what dogabone can do unless he has her declared incompetent and assumes guardianship. I don't envy him the task ahead.
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Your aunt is beyond home health care. She needs a nursing home, asap. Call her county social services to evaluate her situation. They can help.
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