My mom fell and is temporarily on a walker. She obviously is moving slowly. I live out of state, and she really does not want me to come to help her. I am honoring her wishes unless I find out she is worse than it seems right now. But I would like to send her some things I think would be useful. Mailbox is a bit far for her right now. When I have packages from UPS or Fedex at my house they throw them at my porch and are back to the truck in a run. I think I have had one to ring the door bell in 2 or 3 years. What is best way to have something delivered to my mom? Which type of delivery and/or special instructions? (She would not want me asking a neighbor for help.)

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I have a small table by my front door that I tape instructions on and I have never had a problem with the packages being handled as I ask.

If you require a signature they will have to ring the bell for delivery.
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Not an actual "package" but I have had success with Instacart. So if it is something they can find at Costco, Walmart, etc. near her, you can request items not on on the menu and input special delivery instructions.

They can be hit or miss if you get too specific. We try to combine handicap friendly with touchless delivery, having them come through a side door and leave stuff on a table in an enclosed porch, and they get it right about 85% of the time.

Their customer service is good about giving refunds when they get it too wrong.

If she is willing to meet them at the door, they will bring it in. We've done groceries, over the counter medicines, small appliances, kitty litter, and so on.
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