Mom, has always had issues. Things are to be done a certain way. Suspicious of anyone or anything. Paranoid. Always negative.Has a denial about having any Mental problems. I feel that she needs testing to see what we're dealing with. She's 91. She shined for primary Dr. Answered questions. She has no money.Only S/S. Lives in a three story house alone. The house is in a trust for me and my Brother. Mom is getting worse. I live In California .I stayed 4 months last time.Then when I go home, brother goes back and forth from home couple times a week, to help her. Her longest living relative 93. Should we force her to move here with me and husband. We're 69/71. We have no other responsibilities. She loves us and we her. But she I believe is in second stage of Damenica. Depressed, confused, doesn't eat right. Doesn't take medicine as directed. I could go on and on. It's stressful for me as I don't have a car there, and only go to store and lunch. She doesn't want to move. Council on aging has stopped services. I've taken my time with this because she has been known to change mind.i don't know?

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No way would you want to live with suspicion and paranoia. Pursue Guardian status and move her to a safe facility. Not your house, she will drive you nuts.
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