We are going to do a few upgrades in mom's bathroom (ex. new toilet, drywall replacement) and I was just wondering what sink/vanities provide the best support. Mom is 85 and uses a walker most of the time. Most of the time she manages fine but sometimes is unsteady if she feels weak. She has a 24/7 live in. The bathroom is a modest size. She seems to enjoy her traditional vanity with the cabinet underneath. The aide feels she enjoys leaning on it as she maneuvers around the room. We removed the front doors on it to allow her to sit closer to it on her bathroom stool when brushing teeth, etc. So it is fine for now. I was just wondering what most seniors prefer. I was wondering about a wall sink for the future or a pedastal sink. Is it better to make changes only as they are really needed or to be economy minded and do a few changes at once (ex. toilet and sink)? I was going to have a carpenter do some work on the wall where sink and toilet are and she definitely needs a new toilet but I am just wondering about the vanity/sink.

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In my Moms bathroom we put in a small cabinet. Gave more room from the toilet to front of cabinet.
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I wouldn't make expensive upgrades for an elderly person. There are so many accomodations to help them during this period.
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