We would like to move my uncle from NE to WA to be closer to his daughter and so she can attend to his care better. He's in a wheelchair, needs assistance in the bathroom (has incontinence) has Parkinson-like symptoms, and has some dementia. Flying would be our best option, since it's faster. A family member would travel along so he could have a familiar face during travel. We would only need assistance if he needed to use the restroom during the trip. Where can we go to hire a certified nurse/assistant privately? Ideally he would prefer a male nurse/assistant. Thank you for any advice and suggestions.

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Most airports have larger "family" restrooms.
I took my Husband into the Women's washroom and used the larger handicap stall. I had also gone into the Men's room looking for him.
Prior to going into the Women's I would check to see if anyone was there, if so I would ask it would be ok, explaining that he had dementia. Never had a problem.
You do not need a nurse or a CNA to do this type of caregiving.
Anyone can change a soiled brief.
Condom catheter would help with urine.
An incontinent pull up or tab type brief would also work for several hours. They are intended to be used as such.
Who helps him now? That same person can go with him and help during the trip.
I strongly suggest that you notify the airline when making the reservation that he will need extra help. It is possible that the dementia will be more of a problem than the incontinence.
You can contact an agency and hire someone to go with you. Pay for the flight there and back OR
Contact an agency where you will be landing and ask that they meet you and they can take your uncle to the bathroom.
There is NO possibility that he would be able to use the washroom on the plane. They are small and he would not have his wheelchair as they are stowed below for the flight.
Personally I think this is unnecessary as you could do the same thing a hired caregiver would.
I also have to ask...does his daughter WANT dad moved closer to her? Is it possible that she could be the one to travel with him? If she is going to care for him this would seem a first step.
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I just recently flew my 92-yr old mom back from an out of state trip & she had a cast on her dominant arm/hand. She needed assistance using the bathroom & I can tell u we had to keep the door open to do it. Not sure this will work for others. Those bathrooms barely fit 1 person. If he isn’t mobile without a wheelchair he will need to be in his seat the entire flight.
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