Dad is sound of mind with aching body hard time walking and busy bladder needs to travel from N cal to honolulu in October 2020.

please advise us

july 1, 2020 12:15
Hawaiian Standard Time

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There were duplicate posts and I answered one. Now I can't find it. So I will answer again.

We are not an employment agency. We are a forum of Caregivers sharing our experiences. You need to check in your area for Care agencies. Office of Aging may be able to help in ur search.

You may want to reconsider Dad traveling in a plane with his problem. From what I see, its a 5 hr flight to Hawaii. Bathrooms just about fit an average person let alone an aide too if there is a problem. Sitting for 5 hrs will not help with his aches and pains. His walking will be a problem too unless ur able to take a wheelchair. Yes, the airport supplies them but you need to request it ahead and no guarantee he will get one. Flying is hard for the average person in this day and age. And now with COVID the last place I would want to be is in an airplane.
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