Me and my sister look after our mum who is 77 with COPD and basically bed-ridden as well as looking after our families and doing part-time jobs. We recently explored any allowances she could get for her carers but frustratingly my mum seems to be too proud or stubborn to admit she needs that much help, so to claim seemed pointless.

To cut a long story short, she now has lost so much weight and is uncomfortable in bed. Seems like bed-sores. A mattress topper would make her more comfortable, so I looked to get her one. The cheapest is 65 pound, so can anybody tell me if any organisation or government agency provides this type of thing?


Sounds like you're in the UK, so the services and groups may be a bit different than here in the states.

But, she could certainly benefit from evaluation. Can you get her to the doctor? It not, are there visiting nurse services available, to come and do an eval?
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Mom should be on Medicare and if you take her to the doctor, he can write an order for a mattress for her.
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Bed sores are serious. Its an air mattress she needs not a topper. You need to get her to a doctor. He then can call in homecare because bedsores should be seen by an RN. You may want her evaluated for Hospice too.
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