What assistance is reasonable to ask the LTC insurance evaluator to provide for my mildly impaired husband?


Needs help dressing, is incontinent and needs help changing pads and diapers, makes poor decisions so he needs to be watched for safety, and is very unsteady in his feet.
The policy is unlimited.
I would like help throughout the day because he needs help getting dressed, needs assistance with changing and remembering to change diaper/pad help every few hours and needs to be watched so he doesn't make an unsafe decision like to climb the ladder to get an envelope.
Has anyone had experience with long care insurance? Our policy is with John Hancock.
Thanks for any help and advise..

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You must explain all his needs to the Assessment person. Just in the same fashion you did above. The hours approved will be based on the patient needs.
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Make sure you clarify the daily limits, the lifetime limit and the Durable Medical Equipment/DME limits. My mother has a LTC policy. We have caregivers 12 hours a day ($240) and the policy's limit is $100/day. My dad had to cover the first 90 days, then LTC kicked in. So many policies are out there, and some are not even realistic. Lots of people could not afford to pay for the first 90 days.
On a positive note, I was reimbursed for 100% a hospital bed(used), side rails, air mattress & commode. The policy has a $5000 DME limit.
I think yo will find the assessment to be helpful in developing the best care plan.
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When the assessor comes, just tell the assessor everything you've stated here.

The assessment should take about 45 minutes and your claim should be approved very quickly.
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