I have been the sole caregiver for my Mother for over a year. This has been a rough year for my Mom and me with doctor visits, hospital stays and many medications. She is gone now but I am left with many medical expenses above and beyond what Medicare covers. I was told that I should have benefits due me for caring for Mom but I don't know where to look. Any help would be appreciated.

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Im guessing that mom had no money or assets, just whatever Ss or retirement she was paid? If this is the case, I'd suggest that to each bill mom gets, you send them the same letter that states she is dead, you are not responsible for her debts and attach an original death certificate. I'd mail each certified mail with the return registered card from the post office. Each will cost maybe $ 8.00 but provides proof of all this in case they turn it over to debt collectors.

If mom died with assets, then debtors should be paid from her estate and you as executrix go through probate to do this.

If mom had a life insurance policy that named you as beneficiary, then you get that $. Otherwise there is no $ paid for caregiving. No upon death compensation. Caregiving is looked upon in this country as done out of love & devotion and totally for free unless there is a caregiver agreement done & happening when they were alive.

If moms SS was enabling you all to live & have a roof over yiur heads, it is critical that you keep every penny left as that SS has stopped. Good luck in all this.
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Debbie, do NOT pay her bills, notify the sender of her death, you are not responsible for her bills, only yours. No, you do not have benefits coming.
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So sorry to read about your Mom passing. Any medical bills and expenses are paid by your Mom's estate [savings account, checking accounts, home ownership, car, items that could be sold that were owned by her].

I don't know of any government funded programs that provide financial help after a person has passed on.
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