My 91 year old asks the same questions and speaks of the same thing. (frustation/boredum). Please help by providing relief suggestions.

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My 92 yo MIL does the same thing. We have cats (indoor/outdoor) who tend to stay in our fenced yard, maybebecause I have 2 bird feeders and feed the birds and squirrels. (Cats are NOT allowed to kill ANYone but mice and moles -and they OBEY!) Anyway - the antics of all are a nice distraction for MIL and also provide a source of conversation and/or distraction when needed.

Could you put a bird feeder on or near a window to provide some "entertainment"?

Just an idea - hope it helps! Hang in there.
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It is very boring and even maddening. You have our sympathy.

Relief for yourself might be possible if you can teach yourself to change your reaction. If you hear a question for the tenth time, try to think, "That poor thing! She can't remember anything. I bet she's so scared." With that reaction, you don't go so crazy.

Another possibility is to bet yourself how many times she will ask a particular question. Does she repeat questions about time most, or questions about people? Create a kind of interest.

Usually, the simplest response is to simply answer the question. Sometimes, you can throw them off by asking a question back, just to see where it will lead.

Mostly, you just have to accept it with as little stress to yourself as possible. Best wishes to you.
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Grace, it is very, very common for persons with Alzheimer's of any kind of dementia to repeat the same questions and tell the same stories over and over. And that can get very boring and frustrating for visitors and especially for caregivers.

I don't think there is anything you can do to change the person who has dementia. Answer the same questions over and over. Stay polite. Pretend interest. Perhaps on some of the longer stories you can distract them by getting up and making a fresh pot of tea.
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