My mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer and needs 24-hr assistance. Does anyone know of any programs that provide funding?

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tmcnair, if your mother or her husband served in any branch of the U.S. armed forces during wartime, then she may be eligible for a Veterans pension, which can be as high as $1,830 for a single veteran meeting Aid and Attendance requirements. The VA pension can be used to pay at least some in-home caregiver costs, as can Social Security benefits or any other income or assests of your mother's. But for VA and possible future Medicaid purposes, these payments should be made via a personal care agreement (PCA) implemented prior to getting VA or Medicaid assistance. The reasons for this are explained, and a PCA template is provided, in Aging Care's website at:
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I don’t think you’ll get 24/7 assistance in the US unless you are maybe in NY? Many US states have an in-home support services program through social services/Medicaid that will pay a caregiver hired by you/your mom. They will only pay a certain number of hours (30 a week seems to be the average) and usually at minimum wage. It can be a family member or a stranger, if your mom gets approved, you or her will have to find the caregiver and hire them.
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tmcnair, where do you live?

In Ontario, Canada, where I live, my Mom is eligible for some assistance through the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN, Standard home care support is a max of 14 hrs/week, but more help does become available if/when the person's condition deteriorates. Currently I get 21 hrs/week help with my Mom. Which is great, but doesn't go too far when you are trying to cover off 24x7.

I have taken leave to cover off most of the days - there are two Employment Insurance benefits that help - the Family Caregiver leave, which applies if your Person is ill and needs family assistance - will cover up to 15 weeks. That means that my employer has to hold my job for me and EI pays me up to a max of $547/week, depending on salary. There is a second leave which is the Compassionate Care leave, which covers up to 26 weeks. That leave kicks in when a doctor or nurse practitioner signs a form saying that your Person is expected to pass away in the next six months. It has the same amount of payment. I am using the Family Caregiver one first, and then will use the Compassionate Care leave, so that gives 15+26 weeks of some income at least. And my employer is just rolling with the fact that I left work a couple of months ago, and don't know when I will be back. :(

And for the overnight, so that I can go home at night and have some life, we are paying people to be with my Mom from 19:00-07:00. This is tearing through my Mom's $$ fast, but with only months left to live, the money should last long enough.

Hopefully there is something similar or equivalent in your area?
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Do you mean a family member who would be caregiver? If so, I’m afraid the compensation for caregiving for a loved one, if there even is a program in your state, is a nominal amount. The only way you could be compensated would be by your mother, out of her personal funds, and you would need to sign a Caregiver Agreement, a copy of which can be found on this site, or by consulting a lawyer. And bear in mind, unless you pay out of pocket for it, there is no health insurance coverage or retirement fund.

If you mean Home Health Care provided by an agency, speak with your mother’s Physician who would need to order it for your mom so Insurance will pay for it. 
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