How long do cancer patients usually live after starting oral morphine?


Cancer is in bones, lungs.



The morphine itself is no indication of dying, my brother with brain cancer was on morphine for the better part of a year. I think that many people delay calling in hospice and are resistant to starting powerful pain killers until the last moments, which is why death often comes so quickly after starting both.
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The morphine has nothing to do with the time of death. It does not bring on death. The cancer is what will kill him, the morphine will just make him more comfortable.
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Journey, I am so sorry about your father. You definitely are on a difficult and sorrowful journey. Unfortunately, no one can predict when another person is going to die. All we can do is sit at their side and offer them comfort and support as they take their "final" journey on this earth.

“How long do cancer patients usually live after starting oral morphine?” It depends on that person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition at the time the Morphine is started. I have had residents who lived a few hours to those who have lived a week or more. Some people want to die alone so they wait until their family members or the nurse(s) leave the room and then they take their last breathe. Some people wait for a specific person (or persons) to visit them or wait for family members to arrive at the house/nursing home. And some need to hear their family members say, “It is okay to die”, or “We love you very much” before they take their last breathe. It all depends.

Please know that all of us are thinking of you and your family at this time. May our God who comforts us in all of our troubles, be with you and your family. ^^Prayers^^ & {{Hugs}}
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There’s no definitive answer. My MIL did not have cancer, she had pulmonary fibrosis. She started morphine on Monday morning and died early Friday morning. My FIL has bone cancer in the earliest stage and hasn’t started treatment yet.
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My mother passed after 3 days of taking oral pain medicine. First day was ok but 2nd night she goes in to coma and never woke up.
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