My wife was just diagnosed with cancer and I'm lost.

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Thank you both, I'll talk to 97yroldmom about hoarding & I'll try CDN reader's links, my social worker at SouthEast Med Hospital is new & they are trying to start a group at the end of this month, anyone interested call Jen Hursey,740-439-8784,Southeastern Med Hospital-Cambridge,Oh.
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Dear Dusty,

I'm very sorry to hear about your wife's cancer. I found these links that might help:
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Hi Dusty
So sorry about your wife's diagnosis. I would try the American cancer site and see if they have a link for your area. ( Also, your hospital might have a support group and some churches have support groups.
And please come back to this site with specific questions for help going forward as others will have suggestions and support.
Try to take walks, eat well , get rest. You and your wife might consider therapy individually and as a couple to assist with this challenge. If you try one avenue and it doesn't seem to work, then consider others.
It's very wise that you are seeking help now. Also visit with an elder attorney to make sure you have your paperwork in good order going forward. That will make you less anxious when concerns for the future arise. Others will offer ideas to help and again your instincts are on point to get support now.
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