My mother 97 years old needs to have a diaper monitor to alert us when she wets her diaper. Can you recommend any brands?

Most medical diapers have the wetness indicator stripe that changes color when wet. They hold also large volumes so there is no need to change in middle of night or immediately.

My mom uses large shaped Tena pads for overnight and I have used them myself some times so can ensure they stay dry from inside. Urine turns into gel, it does not stay wet like dowel or something.
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I so wished they had the strip that some baby diapers had. It turned blue when diaper was wet.
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I've seen ads for PureWick Urine Collection but haven’t used it. It was used on my mom when she was in the hospital. Seemed to do the job.
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Sounds like a great idea but in reality it’s simpler to just check the diaper every few hours. I can usually tell by the smell. I change first thing in the morning and before bed. Then every few hours during the day.
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I presume you wish to prevent moisture problems. I also presume you have a routine to check pad & change as required? Every few hours, after meals, before/after sleep etc.

Some people like to add a thin barrier cream, others prefer no lotions at all. just water.

Obviously changing immediately would be best, but incontinence pads are quite good at working moisture away from skin & can hold large volumes at night too.
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Here's some info that may be useful:,change%20from%20yellow%20to%20blue.
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