this is what they have said to me when i have asked in the past.
today, there must have been a problem with the lines, i could not get thru for over 4 hours. no one answered the phone- it just rang, then went busy ,then disconnected.
i was getting concerned.
how can there be no other way to get in touch with the facility?
i began looking up stores and pharmacys in the area. finally i just called
the police and told them the problem,they said they would check and call me back.
when they did, i was told-he got thru long enough for them to say there was trouble with the lines, but then the phone disconnected.
im not sure how that is possible-however,
he also said if i wanted to leave a message for my mom, they would make sure mom got it- how can they if the phone is down?
they were not going to physically drive there-
doesnt give u very much confidence in the nursing home!
how can a facility with elderly, sick and with dementia, alz. health problems,
not have access to telephones???just one?
maybe i am just not understanding the situation-
but i dont get it, and if there isnt any other way to call them, some one in
the health system should be notified!

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thank you for your comment-but it just doesnt sit well with me ,being told they do not have a number to contact her doctor- and the number her nurse gave me is incorrect- i was told her doctor hadnt worked there in over 8-10 years.
I am glad u can be comforted with your faith- personally, am not able to put trust in
god, nor in anything unless i understand the what and the whys of my questions.
maybe one day i can just put fears and worrieds aside, and trust in something other than information and explainations-i think as family memebers we are have every right to understand ,as long as the doctors do, and if they do not, let them just say so.we know more and understand more than we r given credit for-
this is been a difficult time-frustrating and sad- for most of us-
we had different belief- but the same desire to ease the pain and help as muchas we can- without going totally crazy-k
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Hey I understand you frustration completely, I have worked in the NH field for several years some years back and I also had a grandmother who was in one off and on in 2008 and last year. Do not be alarmed I have seen many employees use their own personal cell phones in a case of emergency to ensure that your loved ones is well taken care of. It is very frustrating as a family member not to be able to get thru this has happend to me as well and yes I was concerned but I put my fears away and trusted God that everything was ok till I got by there to see her. I hope this helps you.
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