FIL is planning to go into AL facility in a couple of months. The facility recommends using Veteran Care Services to apply for the Aid & Attendance benefit. They charge 2 months of benefits if approved. What should I do? Any other options?

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You do not need to go thru the AL. Too me this is a scam. You can go to your local VA office in your County. They will help you file. For A & A Dad would have had to serve during Wartime and be 65 or older. You will need his discharge papers and a few other things.

Barb gave u good info.
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"Including specific and comprehensive information in a VA application is crucial for timely processing and determination of benefits, but many families need help locating and compiling the necessary paperwork. Accredited veterans service organizations (VSOs) like regional offices of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) can provide this assistance free of charge."
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