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Common side effects of Macrobid include:

upset stomach,
rust-colored or brownish urine,
vaginal itching or discharge,
headaches, and.

For these reasons, I personally would not take it. If anything says "will cause upset stomach" it "will" upset my stomach.

I had my Mom on cranberry tablets (no juice) and a probiotic. When she passed, she hadn't had a UTI for a year.

As Geaton said D-Mannose. I have recommended it but haven't checked out if its worked.
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On the recommendation of an RN on this site, I purchased D-Mannose (a supplement that is a simple sugar) for my MIL to take on a maintenance basis to deal with her almost monthly UTIs. She has not had an infection since starting it last September. I don't take supplements because they are not scientifically proven and you basically pee them all out. But this supplement is otherwise harmless and she had nothing to lose.
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My mom takes a low dose daily antibiotic to ward off UTI’s. It has cut down the rate of infections by about 90%. Been a real help to us all!
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