Does anyone have information on nightmares?

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And how best to handle?

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are they your own nightmares or someone elses?
If its night terrors there is medication to help. My Mom would have at least one a week.
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Before her passing, my wife had nightmares. I found that pulling her over to cuddle with me while I gently rubbed her temple or arm, calmed her and stopped the nightmare.
Genesis1 has the best response... being there is definitely much more soothing and personal than adding more pills!! A gentle touch & love goes a long way!!
Check to see if a certain food that is eaten before sleeping might be causing it. Something perhaps with chemicals or preservatives. That happened to me. Once I stopped eating the offending food the nightmares stopped. It is worth a try.
Ever since my DH almost died at Christmas 2015, he talks and moans in his sleep. I never thought of nightmares but I did mention it to his physician who said it was nothing to worry about.

I like the cuddling idea but be careful - the one time I decided to wake Ray, I became part of his dream and he slugged me. While I got a lot of mileage out of it, I never tried to wake him again that way.
At the risk of sounding woo-hoo, you might want to consider dream analysis. You don't need a therapist for this, but reading books on dream symbology would help. Consider making a dream journal and writing down the dreams. Also write how the dreamer felt about the items, persons, creatures, and events while dreaming. Then contemplate what each of these things could symbolize to the dreamer.

Dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to speak to the conscious mind. Shedding light on unconscious feelings can bring peace to the unconscious mind.
I have severe, horrible nightmares, which I finally (through intense therapy) found had a root cause in childhood abuse I simply "forgot" (too awful to remember). I was dxed with PTSD and am going through a therapy designed to help me remember the past, walk through it again, and regain power over the thoughts. It's brutal, but it is working.

A drug call "pravosin" (look it up, I am not spelling it right) is one of the first "PTSD" drugs used in war vets. Also for people like me, who fear sleep b/c it's not restful or pleasant. It did work, but it also worked as a diuretic and the last thing I need is getting up 6xs a night to use the bathroom.

I wouldn't "woo-hoo" the dream analysis, as this is kind of what my therapy consists of. Journaling is a good way to begin the path to finding out why you have nightmares.

Like Genesis I found human contact helped. In my case it was a boyfriend with a history of night Terrors that increased with stress. He was leaving the state and starting his own business. The last two weeks before the move he asked me to sleep nights at his house because he would wake up at night believing he was going to die. Waking up did not help, if he was alone he lay in bed waiting for death to take him. With me there, calm and relaxed, he could accept that he was not about to die and could go back to sleep.
Get a sleep study done. My nightmares stopped with using a cpap machine.

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