My 94 yo father’s cognition took a big hit during hospitalizations this year. It improved with the increased daylight hours & sunshine of spring & summer. But the time change & decreasing light & unwillingness to go outside bc of cold seem to have brought back sundowning behaviors. Specifically a general grumpiness & irritability, lack of engagement, increased word finding difficulty, and a resistance to going to bed. He That’s the big one-the more tired he gets the more he rebels.. He walks around and starts to obsess or rummage. He has to climb 16 steps to bed & self cath. These become increasingly difficult to do when he’s tired. His processing decreases and his hands start to shake. I'm also fearful he will revert to his post hospital fatigue state of psycho motor retardation & a seizure like episode. After a couple hours sleep he would be much improved when he woke up for toileting despite middle of the night. If it weren't for the cathing & the stairs & the like a Parkinson's patient off meds motor skills I'd just let him tire himself out & sleep in his chair downstairs. He has no insight or judgment at this time so no amount of explaining helps. I have video of what happens when he’s too tired but no impact. He’s especially resistive to me- because it's his child telling him what to do I suspect. But now to night caregivers he normally responds well to. I know I have a lot of fear because of what’s happened in the past & that doesn't help. Could light therapy help? I've found inconclusive or vague info - no protocol-on internet. Any other suggestions welcome.

Let us know how it works.

i was told by the VA that sundown really had more to do with the accumulation of stressors during the day. At least with my Dad it seems that keeping the afternoon quiet and free of all visitors helped keep things calm through dinner.
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I agree with ITRR, try it. And please let others know how it goes. Not everything works for everyone. It would be interesting to know and possibly a big help for many.
CBD oil really helps the elders in my orbit. Others report it doesn’t work for them. It might help your dad relax and go to bed earlier.
Don’t let one persons lack of success stop you from trying. We know the brain is affected by the light. Seems to be that way for every living creature. I’ll be excited to hear what you learn.
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I think it is worth a try. The studies show that it is beneficial for people living in regions that have short daylight hours during winter.

Try to find one that has a money back guarantee, that way you are not out a bunch of money if it doesn't work.

Great big hug! Remember to take care of you too.
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