I have been caring for my Mother for years and she gave me control of her checking to care for her and help us with added expenses. I have been told that I have to complete forms to be assigned her payee and that all monies are to be used for her care only. This will create a hardship for us. Any advice is appreciated.

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Here is the website for the Social Security's Representative Payment Program:

Your Mom's money needs to be used for her health care needs-current and future.


 I notice on your profile that you are caring for your Mom and Dad and that your Husband also has many health problems.  Do you have any income of your own?  What is the living arrangements?  Are you and your husband living with your parents or do you have your own house/apt?  What percentage of your Mom's SS is needed for day-to-day expenses such as utilities, food, medications, etc.?  What type of hardships will you and your Mom & Dad and Husband have if Mom's SS goes for her care? 

You have a rather unique situation and we need more information so that we can offer appropriate advice and suggestions.
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dlpandjep Jun 2019
Thank you for your reply DeeAnna - My Mother lives with us and helps with a couple of our bills.  Yes, we have my husband's income, but it isn't adequate to meet current expenses.  My husband is 80 years old and failing and I find myself having to juggle needs/expenses to make ends meet.  Now, I find myself in a corner. 

Please note:  I have been trying to post my concerns for two days and every time I post, the screen takes me to "Log In" and I cannot get back to the forum.  I imagine it will happen again after this posts.  I apologize for being redundant and not being able to answer.  Something's wrong.
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