I live in Canada and finding qualified help is scarcer than a hen’s teeth. LTC homes are not accepting new patients due to covid and free services through provincial care is almost non existent. We are currently paying over $40 an hour for help that isn’t very good with helping our LO with hygiene, etc.
Also dealing with own serious health issues. Really tired, folks. Anyone else having trouble?

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I found great caregivers through my local Community College. The students had completed a Certified Nurses Assistant course (required here before entering Nursing School) they were waiting for Spring courses to start and I hired them pending classes. I told them I was willing to work around their class schedules.
The other caregivers I found were referred to my by others.
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College or high school students intending on having a career in health care? Train a daughter/son, niece, cousin of a friend? Start asking clerks at your local groceries if they know someone? Ask people who deliver your mail/packages? There are so many people here who are unemployed and not looking for work out of depression or fear of the virus. I’m not in Canada, but I’m praying for you, Lynn.
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I'm in Ontario and funded home care has been hit or miss for years, it wasn't until I started reading on the forum that I appreciated how amazing it is to be able to get as much as we do. Given that there is a general shortage of PSW's and the fact that a lot of older workers are waiting out the pandemic or retiring early I imagine your problem is common. One suggestion I have is to decrease your workload by hiring people other than PSW's for unskilled maintenance chores.
LTC here are accepting new arrivals as long as they facility is not in outbreak, but I of course wait lists for popular facilities are still going to be a problem unless you qualify for a crisis bed.
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