Any suggestions for keeping track of aide hours?


I was wondering what system other families use to keep track of aides coming and going in their homes (to track hours). We use an agency that is a referral service only so the system we use is up to us. I have always relied on aides giving me a "check in - on duty" text and "check out - off duty" text but lately it is not an exact science and I have to kind of reach out to them to get the information, which gets frustrating. We are paying on a daily basis not hourly but I still like to know what is happening (who is in house) and also have records to refer to down the road should there be any questions about payment. Wondering if I need a book, etc? Any suggestions? (I do not live with my mom.)

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When I worked hospice there was always a binder at the client's home for workers. Each worker began a new 1-sheet chart that was 3-hold punched and kept in a binder. On this sheet were tasks such as bathing, oxygen, medications, etc. and a place for comments and each worker filled out their sheet which also contained time in and time out and a signature line. These sheets were provided by my company but I'm sure someone can make up their own that meets their needs.

There's also probably an app you can get that tracks everything but if you're having issues with a text messaging system you might have the same issues with an app. Call me old fashioned but a binder on the kitchen table with individual sheets inside, one for each shift, will work as well as an app.
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I've never heard of paying by the day instead of hourly and I've got to say I don't understand the idea; who determines how much time is needed and whether or not the job is being done as requested? I would think that there is no incentive for caregivers (or their agency) to do more than the absolute minimum because they are paid the same whether they are on the job 2 hours or 5?
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caregivingstuff, I am moving your question back toward the front of the forum. Hopefully a caregiver who is familiar with doing this will answer you.
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