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Please beware of hiring privately. You only asked about interview questions, but there are precautions to take if you are having strangers in the home. Remove all valuables/lock them in a room and don't forget about important papers, check books etc. Have mail switched to a PO box or coming /forwarded to your own home. References are of course important but don't be naive...applicants lie. Applicants can have friends and relatives play the role of references. Ask for past employment history, dates, supervisors. Check them all. Look for gaps in employment. Ask why. What they left for...Get a consent form and pick up the tab for a background check company to do a BCI and FBI check. It will not guarantee future behavior but at least is something. Google them. Check them out on whatever you can to assure yourself you have a good pick.
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Well, you can't interview an aide supplied by a homecare agency. The ones that work under Drs orders hire their own. You can request a different one if the one they sent doesn't work out.

If you are hiring privately then first thing I would ask for is references.

I would want one who is trained as a CNA. They would have a certification.

I would tell them what is needed and ask if they can perform those duties. Not sure if CNAs are allowed to dispense meds. For this there is extra training for being a Medtech. I know they can't give shots.

Put this in the site search: Tax Implications of Hiring an Independent In-Home Caregiver

Good article on your responsibility for taxes. Also, making sure the person is legal to work in the US (green card in their possession at all times.

I would have everything in writing. Making sure the person understands their duties. And have them sign the paperwork.

There are two types of aides, Certified Nurses Aides and Home Heath Aides. Their duties are similar but not the same.
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Katiekate Jan 2020
I interviewed every candidate presented by a home health care agency. Rejected them.

i found a perfect fit for my parents...but through a church and friends group. I told the agency to hire them. I also told the agency that I could go to a different agency and take the $25 per hour (times 2) with me.

since the payment was guaranteed by the insurance company...the agency decided to take my business.

you do not have to tolerate whatever the agency decides. There are many such agencies ... all eager for your business.
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Need more info please. Are you speaking about home health ordered from a doctor or an independent agency that you are privately paying?

If your doctor has ordered home health they will follow your doctor’s requirements for help. If it’s private pay then that’s a different situation.
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