And does anyone know about a tracking device that works well but doesn't break the bank? When I looked online, I got overwhelmed.

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The door sensors can be programmed to ding if opened.

If you have an alarm system call the tech support or go online for your brand and google door chime setting.

We used that in my office so no one could sneak in.

Grandma, I am stoked about the travel ones. I always sleep lightly in a hotel because you just never know. Thanx for the information.
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There are alarms that look like a door stop and fit under the door and will emit a piercing sound if the door is opened. Very inexpensive. Often used by travelers to put under a hotel door in case someone is able to gain access.

If you want one more permanent a motion sensor one would work just place it higher than the dog is tall. I am talking about an infrared one that some stores have, when you walk through the door a bell rings. Much like the infrared that is on your automatic garage door to indicate if there is something that would get squished.

And last but not least one of the video door bells, some are pretty inexpensive but an alert would be sent to the phone if someone were to come to the door.
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