My father in law does not need full nursing. I have looked everywhere and am out of resources. He is a Veteran, but does not meet the "Care Criteria" of the Veteran's facility.

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Have you contacted the VA and spoken with his social or caseworker to find out what other options or assistance might be available?  

Although I don't know offhand if any facilities give credit to or special recognition to Veterans, it's a possibility.   You might have to do some basic research on AL facilities and contact them directly, although it seems you've already quite a bit of research already. 

Did you speak with anyone about what assistance the VA might be able to provide, even if it doesn't affiliate with a specific facility?

There might also be a Kent County VA Office (we have one in Oakland County which provides good info).   They're in addition to the major VA hospitals in Michigan.

I assume the facility you contacted is the Veterans' Home in the Grand Rapids area?

Have you contacted the Michigan State Veteran's Office?  I spoke with a very knowledgeable Veteran when I called a few years ago.

If I remember correctly, I have contact information for caregiver, social or caseworkers, the GR Veteran's home, and possibly more.   If you haven't contacted any of these, post back and I'll search for the contact numbers.   Most of my VA stuff is in the "to be filed for reference" stage, so I'd have to do some digging to find my notes.  

But, just on a hunch, I googled and got some hits that might help you:

1.   Right here on this forum:

Or:   888-314-1833

2.   Try the W. Michigan Veterans' Assistance, and the Kent County Veterans' Service organizations; phone numbers are listed on the hit URL.

There are several more potential sources that might be able to help you.
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Have you called the local Area Agency on Aging?

Have you tried the "Find Care and Housing" tab on THIS website?
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