Have no family to speak of, and afraid my "friends" may soon want to avoid me. I am told I must spend at least 2 weeks in the hospital before I can transition from independent living. Who spends TWO weeks in a hospital, anyway? Got a neuro consult coming, but it is weeks off.

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It can take so long to get the necessary tests done. Frustrating, but I agree you should try to calm yourself down a bit and just wait and see what happens with that appointment. Do some fun things. Get some exercise and fresh air. Breath deep and enjoy your life. Watch funny movies and laugh. All very good for you physically and mentally.

I have a feeling that if you really needed MC, you probably would not be aware enough to suggest it. I also agree that AL might be a more natural progression from IL. MC is a big jump from IL!

So take care of yourself and be patient.
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You have written us before. I think you don't yet need memory care as far as we can see from you exceptionally lucid writings on the forum Dosmo, but I see you kind of "freaking out" around this right now. TRUST ME, anxiety is your worst enemy right now. We get to looking like we need memory care from anxiety ALONE, so there you are.
Glad that you arranged for your neuro consult. Now just wait on this. Do not consign yourself to memory care before that is needed. I think you would do very well in Assisted living and in fact may be one of the more bright and capable there. Try not to think about this every day. Find something to occupy and kind of "zen" out your mind, whether a pencil and a sketch pad, or anything else relaxing.
Let's wait on that consult. Because several weeks is not going to make a difference. As to two weeks in hospital, no that is not the criteria. In most cases people move from Assisted Living in an open cottage or rooming plan to memory care right within the same facility and with nothing whatsoever in terms of hospitalization.
Is there anything like "A Home For Mom" in your area, where folks will drive you around to facilities to see what they offer. Basically they will help you fill out their forms as to what you needs might be and you go visiting accompanied by them. You do not pay them. They are paid by any facility you might accept or become a part of.
Slow down. You are OK. Just get to that appointment. Stay in touch here.
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