mom signed durable power of attorney but is still sound mind. I want her to move to better living situation but she is fighting me. She is diabetic, almost lost her foot due to her not seeing doctor on regular basis.
Can I dispute sound mind because of her lack of medical care

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What do you mean by "doesn't want to care for herself"? Eating? Hygiene? Household cleanliness? Clean clothes appropriate for the weather? Taking pills? In what ways is she neglecting her own care? Is she open to having help, such as someone to do her laundry?

Where does she live now, and where do you think she would be better off?

If every person with diabetes who didn't see the doctor regularly were declared incompetent, there would not be enough guardians to go around! That is self-destructive behavior, but adults are allowed to make poor decisions.

As the others have posted, is she showing total lack of judgment in other ways?
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Have you noticed that she is not right on other matters? Sometimes they can seem to be okay on some things, but if you really examine things, you may see that she is suffering in other areas.

For example, are her bills current? Does she have spoiled food in the fridge? Do her neighbors report odd behavior? Is she giving out financial information to strangers?

My cousin was thought to be doing okay, but I noticed that she had a band aid on her toe. When I asked her why, she wouldn't give me an answer. Later, I noticed it was still there! I insisted that we remove it. She then told me that she didn't know why it was on her toe! So, check little things to make sure she really is competent.
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And then, an answer if you do find enough reason to think she is NOT really so sound is to ask an eldercare attorney about the possibility of a guardianship.
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probably not - legally competent people are allowed to refuse practically anything as far as medical care. OTOH, what makes you sure she is of sound mind? Is she just stubborn and trying to be independent, or has bad judgement shown up in other ways too? Has anyone done an MMSE? Just because she recognizes people and seems "sharp as a tack" (that's what people think when an elder can actually carry on a reaonable social conversation, LOL) she may not be.
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