Log out of this site???

I cannot find ANY log out when I am finished participating in this site. Where is the damn log out??? I am incredibly frustrated.

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Open the menu beside AgingCare.com (three lines), log out is at the bottom.
I've found that I can only log out when I'm in the "ask a question mode". The slide bar doesn't open in the 3 bar section. I can't log out from the view of my profile or PMs, so I switch back to the question mode, then click on the 3 bars, then use the slide bar.
Oh, my gosh, I had this frustration too. There are so many sites that make it almost impossible to log out! I finally figure out to click on the three lines at the top left side of the menu and then scroll down to log out. I'm so glad you asked this question because I struggled with this too.
Got the logout. Now why can't I log in use internet explorer? To log in I use Firefox. Of course it has kept me logged in for weeks.
For myself, I never log out, I just go to the red X at the top right which removes me from the website and holds it until the next time I go onto the website. I am on here daily so it is just easier for me.

Old Sailor, I am using an older desk top computer, so when the computer has a mind of its own, I just pull the plug so to speak.... shutting down everything, then wait a few minutes, then restart the computer. Things might be different with newer devices.
I never use the log out either, I had to do some searching to find the answer! I have my browser set to delete cookies and history when I close it though, so I'm automatically logged out anytime I go offline.
I get that cpu brain freeze as well. Many times I pull the plug as well. I am using a new computer with windows 10. I did not have the login problem with the old computer. Maybe I haven't found all of the hidden buttons yet.
Thank you for your reply.
OldSailor, I was just successful logging in and out with microsoft edge (it replaced explorer when I downloaded windows 10). I'm not sure explorer is well supported anymore, maybe you should upgrade to edge?
OldSailor, I log in using Internet Explorer 11 now that Firefox has upgraded and is slower, probably because I accidentally enabled more control by Norton (which is a memory hog). I don't have a problem logging out, but you can also use the Ctrl, Alt, Delete method to bring up the Task Manager, which reflects all current open and running programs. Then just click on Internet Explorer to close the whole browser.

Or just exit IE Explorer and log out will occur automatically.
Thanks for all your answers, but no matter what was suggested, I cannot log out nor find it even in question mode or whatever. It is so frustrating! It's the only site I can't find a log out for!

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