Is Boost a good nutrition drink?

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I wouldn't recommend any of the nutritional supplements unless you or your loved ones aren't able to get enough calories from eating normal food, they can be a literal life saver though if you are not able or willing to eat.
I agree with CWillie. I only had them for mom when she wasn't eating enough. They have too many chemicals for my liking. But when you're desperate, they can provide needed calories.
My mother's doctor recommended Boost to her, but she hasn't used it yet. My sister used these supplement pretty often, and she said Carnation Instant Breakfast was the only one that was truly palatable.
What's a "good nutrition drink" depends on individual needs. Based on my dad's blood labs, his doctor recommended a low-sugar, high-protein supplement. Premier Protein (avail. at Costco) has twice as much protein as Boost and about 1/5th the sugar, but also less than half the calories. Check with your dad's doctor to see if a supplement drink is recommended at all and, if so, whether it should be high in calories or high in protein and if it should be low in sugar. I agree with others that getting nutrition from food is generally better than from supplement drinks, but sometimes a supplement is needed due to a specific deficiency.
Once I looked at the ingredients for Boost and Ensure, I decided this product wasn't for me.

Decades ago I did use Carnation Instant Breakfast to gain weight after having numerous surgeries, and I really liked the taste of the chocolate :)

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