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Bookworm, here are some suggestions:

1. The Alzheimers Assn. is one source for information. In Michigan, our local chapter offered a free course on Alzheimers - "Creating Confident Caregivers". It addressed more than just Alz though - there were a lot of helpful tips and insights into aging issues without a dementia diagnosis. It was a 6 week long course; our group was small and there was a lot of informal action. It definitely was worth the time.

If your local chapter doesn't offer it, it might be available on DVD.

2. As I recall from the course, Alz has 7 stages, but that could have changed as more research has become available.

3. Alzheimer's disease is one of the multitude of dementia diseases. At the time I took the course, we learned that up until recently, diagnosis was really only confirmed by brain examination after death. However, spinal taps were more recently being used for diagnosis. There may even be more methods for diagnosis now.

4. This is one source for diagnostic issues:

5. This is the website for the free course I took:

It appears as though some of the information is available for downloading; I don't know if it's the full coursework booklet though.

Here's a link on Alzheimer's walks in Alabama:

I didn't immediately see regional offices listed but you could check out this link for Alabama offices:

6. You might want to contact local hospitals, city or township senior centers, a and any Alz offices in your area to determine if there are support groups.

I'm sure others will offer more personal insight on caring for someone with Alz, and that will be very helpful on your and your mother's journey with this disease.

Best wishes.
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I'm still in the learning stage. Mom was formally diagnosed with Dementia in November 2014. I saw her biggest confusion during a visit with her yesterday. I took her a frosty milkshake, and Mom tried to put the spoon in the hole where the straw goes. No one has explained to me the stages of Alhz. I've search the Internet. One place says there's 7 stages; another says 10 stages. So I have no idea. I'd LOVE to be directed to correct, reliable information.

Thank you for your kind words.
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God only knows.

My Mom is 93 has both above mentioned with a-fib and pacemaker and is still active.. She goes to daycare 3 times a week, dresses herself, walks with a walker, feeds herself..

She could live into her 100's...Her mind will be gone though!!
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There really are 2 different issues here - the Alzheimers which is a mental issue and the ejection fraction which is a cardiac issue. The former as you probably know is a more longer term issue which eventually can be terminal, barring other medical factors. But the cardiac issue is a more immediate issue in that at that low rate, cardiac events can be more likely. A heart attack could occur separate of the Alzheimer's Disease.

The two in combination increase the co-morbidity factors though.

No one can really give anything but a guessestimate as it depends on the individual, the stage of the Alzheimers, and other issues. At what stage is your mother's Alzheimers' Disease?

You're wise though to be thinking far ahead to make plans.
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