I noticed Love Notes from people who have lost someone was closed for new comments so I'm starting another one. Please use this space to talk about how much you loved and miss your passed loved ones. Don't use it as a space to discuss how you hated your parent and wish you did love them etc. etc.

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As was your poem Gershun, very touching and beautiful.
It's hard I know.

A beautiful tribute Smeshque.

Thank you Gershun for this thread,
I have 2 special loved ones I miss dearly.
My Dad and my oldest brother.
My Dad is who I am like most in this world. He was a very serious man, however he could tell a joke. He liked to make people laugh. So, following his lead,everyday, I tell my Mom at least 2 jokes to make her laugh. My Dad was Native American, and he was a great provider for his family. He was one of the greatest hunters around, you could ask anyone that knew him. He loved my Mom so very much, and he loved me I know. Every night in the last two years of his life living here, we(Dad, Mom, DH, me)would play rook after reading scripture and praying together. When he was ready to turn in, he would say, I am heading south, (because their bedroom is on the southside of the house), and I would give him a hug and kiss and tell him goodnight I love you, and he back. He loved card games and he was the best checker player ever. I played many a double solitaire games with him. And helped him cut wood up until the day of his passing. Even when his body was giving out on him, he still did what he could to provide something for his family. Before his passing he made sure my Mom would be taken care of, and his gift to her was travel. He didn't like to travel, and it hurt his body in later years to travel, so he left her provision for travel. Which is why I try and take my Mom traveling as often as possible, that was his gift to her. I could go on and on about the man I miss. But, I will say the greatest gift he left me, was his love for the Lord, instilling that in me. I will always miss my Dad, tearing up now, But I know I will see him again. I love him so much.
My oldest brother was a special guy. Do to the misuse of forceps at his birth, he had cerebral palsy. This kept him with the mind of about a 4-6 year old. He was not supposed to live past 6, but the Lord kept him alive until he was 45. My Mom cared for him 24/7. He could not walk and was wheelchair bound. But he had super upper body strength. He won wheelchair races in the special Olympics. He did not see himself as different and anyone who met him instantly fell in love with him. He was the most loving and forgiving person. Oh and his smile and laugh would just cheer you up. He loved writing,going to church, santa claus(Ho Ho as he called him), jc penney christmas catalogs and hot wheel cars and pens. He always had to have a shirt with a pocket to carry his pens.When I was little I would play cars with him, and sometimes he would write all over my school books., but i should have kept them up. He was 18 years older than I. he loved trains and we would drive to the tracks so he could watch them go by. He collected money and would count it every night. He was the sunshine in our family and he was the teacher of compassion. The Lord said unless ye become like these little one,,,,, Well he was ll that. The essence of beauty and love and all that love means. He has been gone for about 17 years now. But I think of him everyday, and when I think of him I am sure to smile. I will always love that guy, and he couldn't say my name so he called me Baby, being that I was the baby of the family, very logical I thought. I could go on and on about him as well. I know I will see him again, and I know my Mom misses the both of them way more than I do.
Thank you for letting me remember loves of my life,
I gotta get some tissue now.
Sorry so long


You were the world to me
I miss you everyday
If I could have just one more day with you................
It would not be enough
But I would take it anyway

Your smile could thaw an iceberg
Your touch was warm and kind
You put your heart into everything
You are always on my mind

One day I hope to see you again
Till then you are in my heart
My dearest Mother and friend

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