She has a "guardian " (not a family member) and it seems life is just getting worse.

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Lost, WHOSE life is getting worse? Yours or your MIL's? In what way?

Lostinthemix, how long ago was your love one moved to a senior facility?

For some people it can take months for them to get use to their new location, more so when the person has Alzheimer's/Dementia. You have to think of all the new faces, new noises, new food, etc. that person needs to figure out which isn't easy in her case.

Now your love one has a village to help her instead of one or two people.

I'm not sure what you mean by getting worse, since placement, but, your profile says your LO has dementia. Since dementia is progressive and the patient's abilities decline over time, it rarely gets better. The most that I would hope for would be that my LO would not have any crisis, falls, hospital visits, etc., but, that is not always possible either. If you have concerns, you can share them with the Guardian. Hopefully, your LO will be monitored and under medical care to keep her as comfortable as possible.

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