Very good article by dr rajan on overlooked uti’s in adults.

How many have been missed thinking that they’re just more dementia not something else.

Thank you.

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Betsysue, thanks for the link, excellent article.

I will need to ask my primary doctor about D-mannose, as I cannot tolerate cranberry juice or even the AZO cranberry pills, as it kick-starts my acid reflux :( My sig other drinks pure non-concentrated cranberry juice... yikes its bitter, but he says it does help him keep from getting up so many times in the middle of the night for a bathroom run.

Alva, this is an awesome piece of info! My poor MIL in a LTCF has gotten one UTI after another and I am at a loss about her having to be on antibiotics continually. I'm calling her care manager right now to see if they are willing to give this to her. Thank you!!

Thanks for posting this again so more see it. I am an old retired RN, and before being on this forum I honestly had NO idea how prevalent this is.
About a decade ago I began getting frequent bladder infections, more than 4 a year. They didn't act like they once did with such profound discomfort that I knew to get to the doc. And they climbed up the tubes into the kidneys in several cases to a pyelonephitis, one that sent me quite shock and was heading systemic.
Despite everything I tried I kept getting them for no apparent reason. Someone told me to try D-Mannose. As a nurse I DO NOT believe in supplements or vitamins in any but specific cases medically recognized and was hesitant but tried it. Now I would give up my heart meds before I gave up this supplement. I have not had a single infection since. Works like cranberry but no acidity and works better and some urologists now recommending it. It keeps bacteria from adhereing to the bladder wall. Is otherwise benign in any way. A simple sugar (yes, diabetics can take it) and if anyone has problems I surely would recommend they try this. I get mine on amazon--source natural product that is about 30.00 for 120 capsules. I take one a day. I have told two people, one a Facebook friend and one a dog park pal, and both have experienced the same result.
UTIs are awful and can be lethal.

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