My Mother has dementia and is in a nursing facility. For the past week she has been acting ten times worst and doesn't want to eat. She is also coughing every time she drinks or eats anything. (maybe ephagia. which the are going to check on) Can UTI cause these symptoms? It is a sudden decline. She was eating and acting ok for dementia around a week or so ago and then suddenly talking so much out of the realm.

Has anyone had anything like this?

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My mother stopped eating but nursing home staff didn't tell us. (age 94; severe dementia, bedridden and does not talk). Then she was rushed to emergency room in a coma, unresponsive. She developed septic shock from UTI. Was in ICU for 5 days with acute renal failure. Now back at nursing home to die ("comfort care"). She cannot swallow at all now. Pockets food in her cheek. Then panic look on her face like she is going to choke. Coughs a lot. We refused feeding tube and IV hydration.

Urosepsis is common among nursing home residents. As people age, their immune systems weaken so cannot fight infections. My mother had no fever or any indication she was in serious trouble until the coma developed. The UTI was diagnosed at hospital. Suddenly not eating can be a sign of something bad happening. With the other sudden changes, I would suspect that more is going on than just UTI. She should be tested for sepsis.
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A fever can definitely make an elderly person act away different. And also some of theses medications can interact with what she’s taking already. I’d have her see the doctor again. Sounds as if the antibiotics aren’t working. She should be getting better if on them.
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Yes, I would ask for a urine test. Swallowing does become a problem and that can be checked out.
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clara, an UTI can cause all different types of symptoms in elders, with or with dementia. From seeing things that arn't there, to outright violence.

When my Dad had an urinary tract infection, he was seeing ants on the walls and in his food. Once on antibiotics, the "ants" started to disappear.

My Dad also had the same problem with eating or drinking, he would have a coughing spell after each bite or slip of liquid. The food wasn't going down his throat correctly. Glad to read that you are having your Mom checked out, the sooner the better so it doesn't lead to aspiration pneumonia.
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