I even posted to a Dr. To explain my whole story. PLEASE, Dr, tell me u at least GOT it. All I'm suggesting is a CAT SCAN to determine the presence of tumors in the body or brain and maybe treat them to hopefully eradicate the Alzheimer's. I am going to keep trying. I don't want my father's unfortunate death to be in vain.

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What is it that you want?

Let's say that your right that your dad was misdiagnosed and in fact that he had a brain tumor, than what?

How knowing your dad had a brain tumor vs Alzheimer's will help you?

As I posted on your last post, "a person with a brain tumor only has a 5% survival rate. I am sorry but that is the fact!

Brain tumor vs Alzheimer symptoms may have some similarities but not enough to really confuess to two. Examples, BT could show sighs of impair speech as Alz, some forgetfullness, and a person's balance, personality changs. But this is where they BT & Alz would part ways. As JoAnn29 pointed out brain tumors do not cause the same symptoms as Alz.

Brain tumors causes way more physical symptoms which is usually is how it is discovered. Alzheimer has a whole nother set of symptoms and as JoAnn29 pointed out Alz is very complex to dx. But you can say that there is a road map that Drs follow for Alz, and there is another road map to figure out if it is a brain tumor. I have known people to die from a brain tumor. Which depending on what type of brain cancer they tend to not be able to move physically. (Which can come on suddenly). Where Alz is slow in killing the person. The person becomes a shell of who they were.

I think for some reason you are stuck. Your brain is going through a loop & you can't see your way out of it. And if that is the case there is nothing any of us can say to help you. I want to help you. I want you to understand. I want you to move on, which is very difficult and lossing I person that meant so much to you. Could it be possible that your dad had both, this is rare, but it does happen, and if this is the case that your dad's case then become complex.

I wished I could have saved my dad, but I could! Maybe you feel the same way.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Along with the peace you need and deserve.

Again I am truily sorry for your loss.

I reread your first post about tumor vs ALZ.

You did receive responses and good ones. I guess just not what you wanted to hear. You need to read up on Dementia and ALZ. There r different types of Dementia but only one type of ALZ and tumors don't cause it. Again, it may cause ALZ type symptoms but not ALZ.

Usually, when a person is suspected of a Dementia/ALZ they go thru a testing process. Because its a neurological problem a neurologist does the testing. (in my Moms case). A Catscan/MRI is usually done to rule out a stroke or like your Dad a tumor. The doctor gets a baseline and from that sees the patient every six months to pick up on any changes or need for medication.

If this was not done for Dad than I am so sorry. And sorry for your loss.

Um. I think you have been highlighting the importance of considering all possible causes of changes in brain function and behaviour instead of jumping straight to an Alzheimer's diagnosis? I quite agree. I think most memory care clinics are already recommending this, though - as I remember and understand it, a CT or MRI is carried out before the in-depth suite of cognitive and memory tests.

I'm very sorry that important signs were missed or misinterpreted with your father, and I'm sorry for your loss. Wishing you comfort.

I took your post as a heads up to have a Cat Scan to rule out a tumor. Really didn't think you wanted a response.

ALZ is not caused by tumors. Even though its considered a Dementia it is very different in how it effects the brain than Dementia. Usually its hereditary. Tumors can show the same signs of ALZ/Dementia depending where they r in the brain. ALZ is very hard to diagnos. Usually an autopsy is performed to be sure it was ALZ.

I am not saying a tumor should not have been ruled out. Your suggestion was a good one.

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