Is that a common trait of someone with dementia? We were just at the doctor's office and medically gave her a clean bill of health. Please try to explain this symptom of dementia.

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so she was feeling weak prior to the dr. appointment?
and you just went today?
you probably don't have the results yet from her blood work no? yes?
last time my mom got blood work they did a whole panel worth...checked for all kinds of stuff. but I didn't get results same day.
my dad had dementia and was always weak, but he was in his early 90's. he slept ALOT. he had no energy.
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its sooo hot outside, depending where you are. make sure she has a cool glass of water or another drink. my mom gets overheated fast in this heat.
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Willy, people with dementia can feel like this. It’s possible the trip to the doctor took a lot out of her. Heck, these days I can’t even shower without feeling like I just ran a marathon, and I don’t have dementia! If your mom doesn’t get out much, all of the activity and questions and poking and prodding at the doctor’s office and the contact with people can be exhausting when you’re not sure where you are or what’s going on.

If the doctor said all her vital signs are ok, she’s most likely fine. People with dementia can also obsess about these things. The doctor probably asked her a lot of questions and she got to thinking maybe something IS wrong with me! My mother was always a Drama Queen, but I’ll tell you, when she had dementia, it was in high gear. By complaining she thinks she’s “about to die”, Mom gets instant concern and attention from you, right? Maybe she thinks since she was at the doctor, there is something wrong with her.

Let her rest and recover for a few days. Make her favorite meals and pretty much let her do what she wants. If she continues to complain until Tuesday or Wednesday, or if she seems really anxious and upset, give the doctor’s emergency line a call and let them know.
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