Was asked by dad's church if I could help with a 70 yr old Lady who had a slight stroke last year with Light house cleaning and driving her to Dr Appts in exchange with a room in home and $150.00 cash a week. I Know I know.. lol. Started Aug 16 2019 and She was 5 weeks late before ever giving me my pay. Causing me to get extremely behind on my bills, my storage and a monthly ring payment of mine that was appraised at 4500.00. Due to her inconsistent pay checks, I LOST MY RING TO THE LOAN SHOP. IT WAS MY WEDDING RING. SHE NEVER EVEN SAID SHE WAS SORRY... I did have her call the store and speak with the manager to admit to her wrong doing and admit it was her fault I couldn't get caught back up on payments because she paid me whenever she decided. Stating I live there rent free.. HA!!! And should be thankful. she continued to be 2 weeks in the rears AND fired me that December because she wasn't able to work me 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. She would harass me on my off days and give me extremely short notice on her demands of what she wanted to do or where to go. She phoned me in her home from her home while I was in the bathtub at MIDNIGHT to tell me her computer wasn't working. I couldn't seem to ever get away from her!! Anyways I want her to be responsible and pay me back the 4500.00 of mine that she blantenty disregarded and cared less about my emotional and financial attachment to Beautiful and now gone forever SAPHIRE AND DIAMOND WEDDING RING. She admitted to the Manager at that time in Oct and then admitted owing me last week Before she took the first step to evict me which has also placed a huge burden on me emotionally!! Financially as well as hindered my ability to gain housing with this so called eviction. She is not the Christian woman that she portrays to be. She is a manipulator, Gossip and flat out lies for sympathy. It's sad

Take her to small claims court for the pay she owes you. No lawyers required (or allowed), maximum amount you can sue for is $10,000.

Just make sure you have your time sheets and written agreement in order and bring them along. Didn't make those agreements or keep time sheets? Good luck then.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Is the ring definitely gone? That’s a shame.
Its terrible how some take advantage of a good person like yourself who is trying to do the right thing.

I fully agree that the church needs to be told about this.    Sounds like people's hearts were probably in the right place, but I think the stroke possibly affected her more than anyone realized.    Her calling you at midnight about her computer is very similar to a stroke-impaired person in my own life who decided that she needed an ongoing, minor problem with her toilet fixed one particular day at 6:30 AM.   She called and woke me up to do this and was surprised when I told her no and hung up.    The judgment is very impaired and they don't understand what's urgent and what's not or what's reasonable.     This is not to excuse her behavior and the part of her not paying you and now you don't have your ring is a shame and I am sorry about that.  I just think she may be more impaired than the church thought she was when they set this up for her.

I would also let the "church" know how she has treated you, in case they try to get some one else to "step up". After all, they helped you get into this mess. This is terrible, and I am so sorry for you!

I'm sorry you were pretty sorely used and abused.

However, Pawnbrokers are in their business to make money, and honestly? They don't CARE if you've pawned your firstborn. You don't make the payments and they'll sell your collateral.

I don't think you have much of a chance of getting either your money or your ring back. No doubt it has been sold by now.

You're right. She's not very Christian at all. You got taken and have the sad tale to tell.

You could 'try' to sue her for back pay and the loss of the ring, but you'll spend more in lawyer fees than you'll ever recoup.

I'm really sorry for you.

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