I've seen it all with my mom's dementia. She is in the end stage but has many other physical problems-bedridden, broken bones, incontinent, bedsores, uti's, cannot even reposition herself in bed, etc. Hospice has not yet caught up with Alz/Dementia since the criteria is so strict for eligibility. I am struggling with that now. But (and moderator and fellow caregivers) I'm not advocating this but just sharing what I've learned. Dementia patients often cannot verbalize pain. When I went to see mom yesterday morning, she was asleep, and grimacing, crying in pain. I asked the nurse to look at her and give her something. They gave her morphine drops under her tongue which helped. Here in the US, it is rough. She was set to be discharged today with no help or stay there at $300 per day plus supplies. Much to my surprise, I learned later that the fact they gave her morphine 'bought' another 72 hours of Medicare. In NO way did I plan this. My poor dying mom was in pain but the extra 3 days gives me time to figure out what in the world I am to do. Just sharing.

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Are you talking to the discharge planners about how to assure that she can safely be cared for at home?

Hospice is not a black and white issue. Also understand that hospice is not going to provide round the clock care.

You really need to sit down with the discharge folks, look at her resources and make a workable, safe plan

My heart breaks for you, and also for your mother. Is she in the hospital? If so, can you have her discharged to a facility? My mother, with dementia was in a facility in Memory Care and was put on Hospice with no hesitation.

I wish you and your mother peace. Pleas come back whenever you need to.

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