My Mom has gone into hospice about a month ago due to advanced dementia. She is still continent of bowel and bladder and mobile although only weighs 76 lbs. Seems confusion is worsening and has a behavior of clearing throat with clear cough and spitting saliva in waste basket. Seems to be getting worse with such anxiety of even stretching neck up to swallow as confused to swallow or spit now. She seems to be miserable with this and only seems in comfort when asleep. Many times nothing to spit, I believe a type of behavior as not drooling when asleep. Hospice has order for Ativan liquid .25ml for anxiety, either knocks her out and much worse confusion upon awakening, speaks gibberish and keeps eyes closed or does not calm behavior at all. Normally can converse in 3-4 words. I am not sure if condition has worsened or the Ativan has caused increased confusion. Hospice nurse to speak with hospice MD and pharmacist and advise with next visit. Mom is still able to eat liquid soup and cream puddings, ice cream and takes medication whole, spits out if crushed. Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this behavior before and what was done. She would be devastated if she realized she did this. Thanks to all for any advice on this matter. Helping Mom

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My husband drooled and spit, which bothered him a lot. He kept a plastic bowl with him that he used as a spittoon. His hospice nurse gave him a patch to wear behind his ear. She said it might dry him too much, so to watch for that. I'm not sure but I think it was a motion-sickness patch that has dry mouth as a side-effect. It was very helpful to him, and improved his comfort level in his final weeks.

Sometimes remedies that would not be advisable in general are OK in hospice. I hope your hospice medical team can come up with a remedy for you.
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I'm so sorry, Helping Mom. I hope others who have been in a similar situation will have some advice for you.

Hoping for the best for you and your mom.
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