Could you use a comprehensive list of caregiving resources?


This morning on my newsfeed there was a link to AARP's list of resources for caregivers. I didn't want to click on it because I don't want to encourage AARP since I'm still so young and vital.

*eye roll*

It was one of the most comprehensive lists of resources I've come across and well worth a look. It was formatted so that it could be printed off and hung on the fridge.



No, I didn't sign in through FB. The information was in an article on my MSN homepage. I clicked on it and saw the phone numbers and forms and such. I tried to copy the URL to post it here but it wouldn't let me. I then just went back and copied the URL from each pages and pasted it here.

I don't know if the difficulty was with AARP or AC but I didn't deal with FB at all.

Thanks, Eyerishlass. I've saved them and plan to check them out.

BTW, if anyone tries to copy them directly into an Excel database as I did, you'll get the FB link, which I can't post here b/c some of the characters aren't compatible with site parameters.

I have no idea why this happens. It also repeatedly crashed Excel.

Eyerishlass, do you sign in through FB? Maybe that's why the FB link comes up.

I had to copy the links into Word, then recopy into Excel. This isn't the first time I've gotten the FB links when copying and saving info or a post for future reference.

These are all great.
Regarding having the conversation - my parents are both living and still driving and doing for themselves, but I anticipate problems within the next 5 years. My mother REFUSES to have the conversation about her wishes if/when they need help. One of my sisters lives about 40 miles away, I live 68 miles, and another sister lives 90 miles, so we cannot just zip there quickly.

I have tried numerous times to bring it up, usually when she has been talking about someone else she knows who has fallen, broken a hip, etc. The conversation frequently goes like this.

Me: So, have you given any thought as to what you will want or need if YOU take a tumble and break a bone or get very sick?

Mama: I'm not going to fall or get sick. (said in a sarcastic tone followed by a nervous laugh)

Me: Yeah. Seriously though, what is your plan?

Mama: I'm fit as a fiddle. I'm not even on ANY medication! (true about the meds, but she clearly has heart issues. She cannot even walk 1/4 mile without having to stop and rest. She is overweight and has leg pain and knee problems).

Me: What about your knee issues and your difficulty in walking?

Mama: I've been walking much better here lately! My knees hardly ever hurt! Hey, did you know there is a sale this week at Harvey's? Look here, they have ground beef for .50 per lb!

Me: I'm serious. We need to discuss this so that we will have a plan in place

Mama: Where are you going on vacation this summer? Is someone outside? I thought I heard a car. (she gets up and leaves the room)

Phone numbers:

This is the first part of it. I'm still looking for all the phone numbers.

Eyerishlass, I did a quick check of the home page but didn't find a link. Do you have a URL, and if so, could you PM it to me? Thanks.

That's a brilliant site, thank you. Very interesting reading.