My husband is supposed to wear his hearing aid and refuses to. I found that I was using up all my energy by shouting everything to him more than twice. I need my energy for the constant caregiving I give to him all day and evening. In order to conserve my energy I purchased a cheap Megaphone. It works on batteries and it saved my energy. It is not expensive and it solved the problem.

At his age and suffering from Dementia trying to get them to wear them is a lost cause. Like your idea.

If you come into deafness later on in life. Its very hard to know how to use them. The little wheels for volume, etc are hard for the elderly to use especially if arthritus is involved. Mom had little tubes in the beginning but she could never get them to stay in the ear. So she changed to molds but kept pulling on the tubing to remove them and would pull the tubing out. The last fitting my DH had, the mold was too tight so the woman shaved it down. I now wonder if that was Moms problem the mold was too big. She never wore hers either.

Your husbands are missing so much. My DH has been deaf since 3 and he gets so depressed that he can't hear.

My DH won't even entertain the idea of GETTING ha's. It's just something he won't discuss. Being deaf doesn't bother HIM, why should it bother me?

I have a Karaoke machine--thinking of strapping that on and turning it to 11.

I HAVE used a megaphone and it hurt MY ears.

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