She is receding rapidly because she cannot hear. Family insists there is nothing that can be done because when she leaves the doctors office, he says her hearing is fine.

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Adding on to Joanne's comment, has anyone checked for wax build up in the HA, once those little wax guards get plugged they won't work at all.
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Shell38314 Jan 22, 2019
Always go for the most simple ideas first...ear wax build up or the battery in the hearing aid. Leave it to me to forget the simple solutions! LOL:)
Here are a few things that can be going on.

1) Does your mom have dementia? If so dementia can effect the part of the brain that is responsible for hearing. And because dementia can come and go in the early stages this can cause her to hear at times and not at other times.

2) Could be that she needs a second option. But I doubt if this is the problem. Just throwing it out there!

3) She can really hear and is just saying she can't for attention. Why? Who knows! You'll have to figure that one out.

4) Psychosomatic--she thinks she can't hear, therefore she can't hear! What we think we become or will happen! No one knows exactly how this happens; although, there is a lot of theories and debates about it. I for one, do believe if we tell ourselves that we are sick we become sick. If we tell ourselves that we are healthy than we are healthy. In fact, I never get the flu shot--ever, and I never get the flu! Haven't got the flu in 25 yrs. Why? Because I have and do believe that my immune system are little marine soldiers. Where I got this idea I have no idea! I also eat right, exercise, don't do drugs, don't drink, and at my core belief I refuse to get the flu! However, anyone reading this please do not stop getting your flu shot! This works for me, and I am not telling anyone to stop taking any medications. This information was use as example...that's it!

I hope this helps you to figure out what is going on with your mom's hearing!
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Do you check her aide? Meaning, is she putting the battery in correctly. Is she able to adjust the volume control? For the elderly its hard to turn those little wheels. My husband does not do well with the digital. He did better with analog.

An audiologist is not a doctor. When they do the test its done with single words. Like cat, dog, etc. My DH hears this but has a hard time with sentences. I assume she saw the ear doctor. Both my husband and my Mom had ear wax so bad they had a problem hearing.

You should be able to go back for a tweeking. They adjust digitals. They may ask Mom if she hears and she does hear something but does she hear actual words.
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