Most people become family caregivers with little to no knowledge of or firsthand experience with the complexities of this role. Assuming responsibility for care planning, scheduling, handling legal and financial issues, extending a loved one’s independence and managing age-related health conditions—all while juggling your own life—is enough to make any caregiver think “what have I gotten myself into?”

Books and online articles are excellent sources of information, but there is another valuable resource that is often overlooked: podcasts. Whether you want to learn more about how Alzheimer’s affects the brain or listen to a fellow caregiver share their best tips for coping with burnout, there are many podcast series out there to inform and support you on your caregiving journey. The fact that you can listen to podcasts while you are cooking, driving, folding laundry or taking a bath makes them a great resource for busy caregivers! Explore some of the best podcasts about caregiving and aging below.

  1. Daughterhood The Podcast
    Rosanne Corcoran, a member of the sandwich generation and the primary in-home caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, hosts this podcast with the goal of informing and empowering fellow caregivers. Corcoran and various guests with expertise in elder care and informal caregiving tackle topics like grief, elder law, Medicare and the importance of self-care.
  2. Happy Healthy Caregiver
    Host and certified caregiving consultant Elizabeth Miller knows from firsthand experience how important it is for family caregivers to prioritize their own physical and mental health while juggling so many responsibilities. In this bi-weekly podcast, Miller and her guests, who are either current or former caregivers, share their personal stories, knowledge and advice. Listen to real people discuss how they incorporate caregiving into their lives and how they manage to stay healthy and happy.
  3. AlzAuthors: Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia
    This podcast is produced, edited and hosted by Marianne Sciucco, a registered nurse, former family caregiver and co-founder of AlzAuthors—a global community of more than 300 authors who write to provide comfort and support to fellow dementia caregivers. In each weekly episode, an author shares their own unique experience with dementia and the knowledge they have acquired throughout their journey.
  4. Parenting UP! Caregiving Adventures with Comedian J Smiles
    Nearly a decade ago, comedian J Smiles’ life changed abruptly when the stress of her father’s death exacerbated her mother’s cognitive decline, eventually leading to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. J Smiles quickly transitioned from a businesswoman living an international lifestyle to a dementia caregiver. Her natural storytelling ability will keep you entertained as she shares the tips and tricks she has picked up throughout her years as a caregiver.
  5. Love Your Caregiving Life
    As a caregiver, have you ever felt like no one truly understands what you go through on a daily basis? Host Charlotte Bayala has cared for her husband with thyroid cancer for six years and knows this struggle well. She spent much of that time feeling overwhelmed, angry and lonely until she was able to find and embrace the positives in caregiving. Bayala created this series to share her relatable and emotional caregiving stories and reassure fellow caregivers that they aren’t alone.
  6. Better Health While Aging
    In this series, geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, M.D., MPH, discusses common age-related health conditions and the most effective ways of preventing and managing these issues. Not only does Kernisan provide valuable health information for seniors, but she also addresses common concerns that adult children have about their aging parents.
  7. People with Parents
    Unexpected changes in relationship dynamics occur when it becomes time to “parent your parents.” This podcast features short episodes in which stand-up comedian and author Leighann Lord explores the role reversal between herself and her aging mom and dad. Lord’s storytelling abilities and candidness allow her to find humor in even the most uncomfortable caregiving situations.
  8. The Agewyz Podcast
    Family caregiver and author Jana Panarites created the Agewyz podcast to give fellow caregivers a voice. Panarites and her guests delve deep into elder care topics like stereotypes about getting older, the everyday challenges of hands-on care, aging in place and so much more.
  9. Dave, the Caregiver’s Caregiver
    In this podcast, Dave Nassaney, author and longtime spousal caregiver, gets candid about the feelings of burnout and grief that come with caring for a loved one with chronic health issues. Nassaney and his co-host, Adrienne Gruberg, interview family caregivers, medical experts and authors who share their own stories and discuss the emotional side of caregiving.
  10. Dementia Care Partner Talk Show with Teepa Snow
    Teepa Snow, renowned dementia educator and creator of the Positive Approach to Care (PAC), co-hosts this weekly podcast with PAC Mentor Greg Phelps. This series provides actionable tips and creative ideas for addressing common and uncommon challenges inherent to caring for someone who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Family caregivers can even write in to ask questions and suggest topics for Snow to discuss in future episodes.

Do you listen to podcasts for caregiver support and information on elder care? Share your favorite series in the comments below.

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