New to Caregiving Articles -

New to Caregiving Articles

We have compiled a list of both professional and colloquial abbreviations commonly used in the Caregiver Forum on AgingCare.

The 6 activities of daily living (ADLs) are used as important measures for determining the level of care a senior requires and their eligibility for services and financial assistance.

The emotions involved in relocating a senior often overshadow the medical, financial and legal implications. Make sure you and your loved one are fully prepared for everything that a move entails.

Get advice on how to discuss long-term care planning, form your care team, create a personalized organizational strategy with a printable care plan template, get real care plan examples, and find elder care professionals who can help you execute your plan.

Experienced caregivers share the most efficient and innovative aspects of the care plans they have created for their loved ones. Use these examples to see if you could incorporate some of their tips into your own caregiving routine.

Family caregivers require adequate structure and support in order to meet all of their loved ones’ needs and make time for their own self-care. Find out how to employ the same tool professionals use to succeed at caregiving.

The AgingCare forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for staying active, relaxing and maintaining relationships in the new year.

Activities of Daily Living are used as an important measure to determine the level of care an individual requires. A thorough evaluation of a senior’s ability to independently perform ADLs will help determine what’s next.

Many individuals struggle to accept the label of “caregiver,” but fully embracing this role increases our chances of succeeding in it.

Once a care plan has been established, it should be reviewed and updated periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness for both the senior and their caregiver.

It helps to look at aging as a potential fire; the chance of a major disaster is low, but you can still evaluate the potential risk areas and plan for unexpected crises with aging emergency 'fire drills.'

When you first realize you may have to take care of your aging parent(s), the task can seem overwhelming. Here's an easy-to-follow action plan for adult children to follow.

Don't wait until a crisis hits to talk about the future with an aging family member. Learn how to navigate these difficult conversations gracefully.

Those who are caring for a loved one, including home health aides, registered nurses and social workers, witness some of the patient's most vulnerable moments. These are a few essential points professionals may see that could easily fly under the radar for family members, friends or even a routine checkup.

Visits with aging loved ones can set off alarm bells for younger family members. Here are 10 steps to take when an elderly loved one clearly needs some extra help.

There are certain things only long-distance caregivers understand, because taking care of a loved one who lives far away presents unique challenges.

If you're looking for a new perspective on aging, tips for communicating with elders, advice on setting boundaries or valuable insights on dementia care, pick up one of these acclaimed books.

Whether you're providing hands-on care or looking out for your parents from a distance, you are a caregiver. Although our roles may be different, they are equally important

Holiday visits to an aging parent's house can reveal a lot about their health and well being. Discover what warning signs to look for.

A caregiver shares his journey in finding the right nursing home facility for his mother. The painful lessons learned along the way will help you avoid the same mistakes.
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