I am looking for some kind of lift device that can push my mother up from sitting position from the bed, like the lift toilet seat?

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Check out Senior Care Mobility Products for something that might help your mother.


Hope you find something!
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Some people try adjustable beds as that may help but is there any upper body strength in which she could help herself? My father at 92 was 230# of frailty but was a "turtle on his back" in bed (couldn't move, roll, get up) and my mother (88 with back/shoulder problems) was one step from a serious injury. I can't say much but my product made him 100% independent in the bed area for the last few years he was home. If she has any upper body strength she should be able to help herself, reduce strain to you, and maybe even get stronger if she have some assistive items to help her.
And what product was that Friendlybedguy? I have a hoyer but cannot get my Mom straight into a wheelchair by myselfas her body curves just enough to sit on the edge of her wheelchair with it, so aggravating.
ReverseRoles- I answered your question but I see it was removed. I just hate to see people struggle when there are items to help them. All I can say is that I am glad I grabbed the name I did
FriendlyBedGuy, if a "bed lift" is googled, would your site appear?
FBG - this site doesn't like it when people promote their products. They also delete out any websites quoted like... www....com... I kind of got reminded/reprimanded when I did this for another poster on another thread. I apologized because I knew better but tried. ;)..I saw your info earlier and wondered how long before AC found it!

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