I was visiting my dad and saw how non-existent his short term memory is. Should I get him to a doc to see how bad this is and see if they would suggest guardianship?


Told him to remember 3words and he could not and he prescribed meds. He has He repeats the same stories over and over and most are not true. Never remember that he just told you 2 minutes ago. He gets lost and drives alone to florida from Chicago by himself just to return the next day. God know how if found his way. He drinks and takes sleeping meds. He has wrecked several cars and has had a DUI. I have him visiting me now in Texas and he wants to drive home alone tomorrow. He just got here. I drove him here He wants his bars and restraurants and friends. He spends up to 1k a day gambling. He thinks he is fine, perfect. I have not told him the truth about why he is here, if I had he wouldn't be here. Now that he here, I was going to start by meeting with a couple of visiting angles to baby sit him for a day until I can make some plans. Should I get him to a doc to see how bad this is and see if they would suggest guardianship.? he is not paying bills, but his home is Indiana not Texas and we do know have 10 bars in driving distance, if he drives home along he will get lost and confused.
Probably mugged to as he carries a ton of cash. God I did not plan well what was I thinking.

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First thing I would do would be to disable his car. Take off the spark plug wires or take out the battery or just take the keys, but don't let him drive!! He needs to be seen by a doctor and do more than just the 3 word test. Are you sure he doesn't know something's wrong? I bet he knows something has changed.
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You have got to do something PRONTO. I live in Florida and believe me we see enough of these elderly drivers who don't know where they are going or coming from. They kill people all the time. Please for everyone's sake, take his keys, move him into AL or with you, have him evaluated. Sounds like he has many problems. I would hate to think of him killing one of my kids or someone's Dad or Mom. Don't let him leave Texas. Good Luck to You
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Indeed, what were you thinking? Probably that you love him and that would be enough to help you save him from himself. Now that you realize that is necessary but not enough, go forward with your plan to get help staying with him while you make arrangements. Yes, you should have him evaluated, learn what you are dealing with, and get a treatment plan in place. Will you be able to get him to see a doctor? I'd suggest you start with a geriatrician and then any specialists he or she recommends.

This man SHOULD NOT DRIVE. But you know that! I take it that he doesn't have his car in Texas, which should help.

Before you try to figure out if he can return to Indiana (with lots of support in place) or needs to stay in Texas, do get a better picture of what is condition is.

Good luck!
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